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White Rhino, Organic soil in/outdoor (newb contest)

Hi all thanks for stopping by and checking this grow out. I pick White Rhino to enter in the contest for a couple…
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STAYING SAFE INSIDE – marijuana growing

A quick guide to indoor security. Some growers believe that a stockpile of weapons will lend them some sort of security or peace…
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A step-by-step guide to cultivating the world's finest indoor marijuana

Great news! Highly efficient indoor pot growers (like you?) can yield a fresh batch of fully matured buds every three weeks by separating…
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When growing indoors, does hydro have an edge over soil in terms of pests control?

Are pests more likely to appear in soil grows vs hydro grows in similar environments/situations? I would guess that soil might be more…
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MORE ROOTS = MORE FRUITS! – Part One: Mother Nature Friend and Foe!!

Top end growth may well be your ultimate goal, but don’t neglect the foundations that your plants are built on. Concentrate on adeveloping…
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Mis-grow becomes top harvest – Monster NLX on coco

Better and better, it just keeps on getting better and that’s just how it should be. Whether it is experience or luck or…
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