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Retail Hell – I Hate Work!!

I work at two different fast food restaurants, and I feel like shit. I just worked 4×14 hr combined days to pay for…
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Outdoor Flowering HELP!

Hey blades, I have an outdoor plant that I just acquired which has only been fed twice since April but it has battled…
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Help, first real grow

Well, basically I have $2200 to spend on anything related to growing. The only problem, is that after I have everything setup, I…
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How can I ask someone for weed when I barely talk to them?

There is a kid I don’t know very well in my school. I don’t talk to him outside of school that much and…
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To re-veg or not re-veg…that is the question!

So, I posted my system of cloning in another thread and I think it’s more than likely the way most people do this,…
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they done saw my goodies

Hey everyone I haven’t started a thread in awhile but hi 😀 Alright so I was chilling on my bed in the nude…
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