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A good kick in the butt (feedback & suggestions welcome)

I feel like I need a good kick in the butt to get moving. In other words I’m lacking ambition and motivation I…
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Re: Xbox 360 Dragon’s Dogma

I havent played Diablo since the first one when i was in high school…i think sophomore year?…96 maybe?Via (only registered users can se…
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Number of arrests

Just wondering how many times you guys have been arrested and for what. Personally i have been arrested four times, twice for possession…
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that crazy kid from highschool..

I’m sure alot of people here went to school with some kid who was just totally out of his tree and acted out…
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Crazy things you did as a teenager to get $ for weed?

Ok, so if anyone’s been smoking before they were old enough to get a job (16 in most places) they’ve done some crazy…
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lost my motivation/inspiration

I play the bass guitar, I started playing in 8th grade but didn’t get into it until my sophomore year. I played in…
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