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My throat burns when I smoke

I posted this in r/trees yesterday but didn’t get a lot of help. So every time I smoke lately, it burns my throat…
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Sick from vaping oil

I usually vape sativas. I like that light trippy sort of high. The other day I vaped some oil using an eclipse. Afterwards…
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Sweet and/or Sour Pussy?

My guy sold me a dimebag of some "new strain" he had. He told me it was Sweet and/or Sour Pussy, sweet or…
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Weird smell from stone pipe

So, a few months ago, I go into my LHS and see a cool little pipe for about $5. I ask him if…
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Looking to grow. Needing Help :)

Hi, i’ve been thinking about growing for quite a while now, and after the research and whatnot. i think its time to give…
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Mind Of TheJourney

Well, I think I just wanna make my own thread where I can share various things that I write. Sometimes there are things…
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