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What would you use

building a 5 1/2 foot by 8 foot flower space, and 5 1/2 by 4 foot veg space. WHAT WOULD YOU USE FOR…
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during class

My situation is I go to high school. At the end of the day i have a 72 min long spare class where…
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begin in grow tent! help seeds and light plz

hi, im new to this site, new to this thing too! i smok for yearsss now but price in my area go crazy…
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my new grow room and first grow… Easy Ryder

Hi all, welcome to my first grow… I read lot’s of great stuff on this site and designed my own grow room in…
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Room insulation and cold spots question

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but I just want a third party to confirm it for me. The picture below…
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Cheeses Future Haze 2.0 Grow "Aged"

Hey everyone, after a very successful run with cfl bulbs I’ve decided to up the ante and go with some HID. Now, the…
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