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First hydro gro

First thanks to everyone in advance who read and help me with this. Now I will be doing the drip method. Using a…
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Four plants under one 600w dual spectrum HPS yield

What is the highest yield I can expect from a single dual spectrum HPS bulb on four plants? And what would I have…
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First time grow in cabinet with CFL’s

Hey GC! So I have been reading so much on here and other forums that I decided it was time to try and…
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Indoor Growing : Help pls, blooming and doubts

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Help pls, blooming and doubtsPosted: 03June2012 at 17:52 Yeah, to solve the…
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My first plant. Mystical flowering-problem. Can she be saved?

Ok, first the hard facts: * 250 W "dual spectrum" CFL * Soil * Unknown strain I’ve grown this plant from two seeds…
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Howling Twins Plant Progress ‘Newbie’

Hi Every body, As promised being a newbie I said I would keep those interested in the growth of my female twins. Last…
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