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Beginner Questions

Hi Guys. I’m new at this forum, and I registered just to get some questions answereed. I’ve been thinking about grow some plants,…
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Fed up

I love weed I do, but I hate where I live ENGLAND and I hate who deals I mean where I live .6-1.2…
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White Stalks

My plants are about 3 weeks old and look beautiful (green and full leaves all throughout), on Sativa and one Indica judging by…
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Phantom Marijuana Bandits With ESP Stalk Postal Workers

?By Bob StarrettAnd you thought you were reading the Weekly World News. They can’t cover this because they are hot on the trail…
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experienced grower needs help – termites

I don’t post often because the answers are already online – just have to research. But I’ve got a great question about termites.…
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i got the seeds in a jack and the bean stalk situation.. no idea what it is.. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused: I WILL POsT MORE…
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