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Former Mexican president and former Microsoft CEO wants to create the Starbucks of pot stores

Former Microsoft bigwig Jamen Shiveley announced this week that he’s creating the first national marijuana brand and that he eventually hopes to build…
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I’m beginning to drink about a cup every morning and I’m tired of spending so much at McDonald’s or Starbucks. So I’m deciding…
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n00b internet question

theoretically speaking, what’s to stop someone from, let’s say, going to a starbucks with a laptop, making a website using a free hosting…
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Starbucks vs. Peets

Alright coffee people, I’m curious… What’s the difference between the two? If you’re a Peets person, would you go to Starbucks if there…
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Everyone smokes

Well damn I was just pondering this the other day but if you look around soo many people smoke weed. The nice baristas…
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Wow i really resorted to online datin, it worked.

So one day i waa just not happy with girls i was meeting, have failure dates, i signed up for match dot com.…
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