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Do Drugged Driving Laws Hurt Medical Marijuana Patients?

Law Offices of Daniel RosenThis map shows drugged driving laws by state, as well as which states allow medical marijuana.By Judy PokrasThe White…
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Potential Reaction From Federal Government To States Legalizing Marijuana

The statistics show that it is likely that marijuana is going to be legalized at a state level, in at least one but…
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MPP’s Kampia Publishes Misleading Chart About I-502

Mary Jane’s House of GlassRob Kampia, shown here partying at the Playboy Mansion, doesn’t seem too concerned about getting a marijuana DUI. Oh…
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Montana Medical Marijuana Activist Receives 5 Years Probation

Helena Independent RecordMedical marijuana provider Tom Daubert was facing a 20-year federal prison sentence — and he was following Montana state law. On…
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I-502’s DUI Provision: It’s Dangerous To Defend Bad Policy

The Weed BlogBy Anthony MartinelliCommunications DirectorSensible WashingtonWashington state’s Initiative 502 has caused a heated debate within the cannabis community. Individuals who would have…
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Question about dispensaries

Would like to start by saying I don’t believe that this breaks any rules and if it does please delete it. I don’t…
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