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When other people affect you negatively

Have you noticed how other peoples’ energies or stinky attitudes overcome your own well-being? Do you have a way of dealing with this?…
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transition feeding.

I am starting week 5 of veg due to slow grow. i have trained down at this point to control the canopy some…
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turdhole’s stinky thread

Hello everyone I’m turdhole. Figured I’d make myself more familiar with GC since I seem to be enjoying the higher end glass a…
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No name

Just got a 8th of this. Really stinky shit I smelt it as my dealer was pulling up. Sorry for the shitty pictures…
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Qrazy Train Strain Review

Ok instead of doing numbers and rating parts of the bud I will just discuss it. For starters, this bud is beautiful. Solid…
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Stinky Blue Cheese Nug [Pic]

Saw a thread someone posted with a picute of their dank and thought I would put up this Blue Cheese I had last…
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