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Autoflower Hydroponic Grow – Plans

I want to run through my grow setup and get some opinions on it The plants – White Widow – Diesel Ryder –…
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The easiest bubble cloner ever

well, here is what you need 1 bottle of RO water Rooting hormone (optional)(i use TakeRoot powder) 1 Drop of SuperThrive (optional) SMALL…
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Decided to go green again.

I’ll name it after I’ve used it for a while. Made it myself. Hell, the only pipe I’ve owned and haven’t made was…
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Summer Road Trip to San Diego!!

Alright blades, so I know some of yall reside down south. I am medical, so I need the low down on the good…
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Weird smell from stone pipe

So, a few months ago, I go into my LHS and see a cool little pipe for about $5. I ask him if…
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My Adventures in Chronicland (Pac NW)

Hi all :wave: I burn through quite a bit of delicious medicine here in the Pacific Northwest and wanted to share the fun…
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