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First Grow – Indoor Setup – %100 Coco Coir ( 4 Different Strains )

First Post, First Grow… Doing this only for Personal Use and wanting to Create some damn good quality buds… My Setup Includes –…
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Growing 15 different strains, I’ll use this journal to keep track of important dates

I purchased most of my equipment and began my first grow on March 1st, 2013. I’ve had two harvests since then. The first…
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Illuminati Seeds Test Grow – 6 strains!

King of Kings–Columbian Red x Mamba Boston Creme–GSC forum x Mamba East Coast Overdose—ECSD x Mamba Mush Mouth—Banana OG x Mamba Kiss of…
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600W HPS, soil grow. All auto strains

Daystar 150mm air cooled reflector with one 220m3/h fan. 16x 11l pots with Plagron GrowMix soil. Automatic watering system. Plagron nutes. In this…
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Icemud’s LED grow: Featuring Intelligent Gro LED, 7 strains.

Hello everyone and welcome to my Grow Journal!!! I am Icemud and have been growing now for 3+ years. I am a indoor…
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Seeds, Genes & Strains : Mother plants/Clones

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Mother plants/ClonesPosted: 14March2014 at 18:35 yes you can.Via (only registered users can…
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