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Holy Grail Kush. Destroyer. Strawberry Blue. Maui Wowie.

Just came by 5 seeds from UK. I popped them in fox farm ocean forest soil to germinate on the window sill. I…
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Opinions about these wraps?

Ok well here is my dilemma! Which wraps would you prefer?: White owl cigarillos: Watermelon Swisher sweets cigarillos: Strawberry Good times cigarillos: Grape…
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Fuze’s official killer weed thread

Strawberry cough on right, bubble gum kush on left, some funky outdoor purple in back. hawaiian snow unknown killa unknown killa Via (only…
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The Stoner’s Guide To Strawberries

Cannabis CheriStuffed Strawberries: almost like a strawberry stuffed with cheesecake, this fruity finger food recipe is always a crowd pleaser (see recipe below)”Let…
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Strawberry Diesel

I bought half an ounce of Strawberry Diesel. Its Strawberry Cough x Sour-D. The name is appropriate for this bud because it smells…
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Newbie question about strains for anxiety and panic

Hi, I am on lexapro and xanax right now and I am trying to come off of them and start using cannabis. I…
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