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Over or under fertilization. Please help!!!

Hello Gc. I have a group have clones who have been rooted for a couple weeks now. After they rooted I started feeding…
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hold your breath while you read this

An eager student approached an accomplished Master and asked him: "Master, how do I become wise like you?" The Master watched the student’s…
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Should I keep feeding?

I have a Trinity kush from emerald triangle that is about two to three feet tall almost halfway through flowering. Over the past…
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Indoor Growing : Leaf Trouble

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Leaf TroublePosted: 06June2012 at 18:14 You need to give additional nitrogen. You’re…
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What happens if legalized

I hope there isn’t a thread for this already (if there is please just send me the link:)) I know there isn’t a…
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Discoloration in flowering?

There is discoloration in my leaves, yellowing, and black spots. Do you guys think this is a ph problem or a nute problem.…
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