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Dubstep Binky/Pacifier Substitute?

Looking for something suitable to chew on that doesn’t look like a baby’s pacifier. Gum doesn’t work well for me, last time i…
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Quick help!!

is there another substitute for aluminum foil cause im out, i wanna make a quick firecracker before i head out to school please?Via…
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When growing indoors, does hydro have an edge over soil in terms of pests control?

Are pests more likely to appear in soil grows vs hydro grows in similar environments/situations? I would guess that soil might be more…
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What would you do in my situation?

So basically to sum it up, I have court in the next 30 days for a custody hearing. At my last hearing, it…
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I’m A Girl, Want To Substitute Urine For UA

I’m a girl and after reading several of these posts on substitution, I’m still a little confused. I get how guys can hide…
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Garbage can thermal compost op.

Hey guys, I decided to get up this morning and get going on making my 1st attempt at a "clean" thermal compost. I’ve…
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