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August Sowing

Hi All I’m really late this year but would like to take a plunge and trying sowing in august. where i live there…
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first time cloner

hi good people:hello: im a newbie and its my first time cloning and would really appreciate some advice:wave::wave: im wondering about lighting and…
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Now’s the time!!!

I thought i would take a minute and remind newer growers that NOW is the time to get out there and locate your…
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3xT5’s or sunlight ?

Hi everyone..so i have two diesel lemon seedlings ,(had 3 but i was experimenting and one had the light bulp to close and…
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Growing on a mountain

I live on the side of a mountain and my plants always seem to stretch to the side and topple over. I make…
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leaf sick with holes

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: leaf sick with holesPosted: 08August2012 at 13:24 Sounds like there’s a pest…
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