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1K RDWC Using Snype’s Aeroponics Cloning Method, Veg A and 6 Bucket System

What’s up fellow growers? Just recently registered to ICmag and I’m really excited to show you guys what I’m about to get started.…
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What exactly makes one green out?

I was wondering, what is it that makes one pass out after copious amounts of bud in their system? I havent greened out…
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God Must Die (2)

I don’t mean that true feeling in the heart that many know as god. I mean the god idea that can be found…
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im gonna get drug tested

since my parents have caught me smoking like 3 times they r now gonna start drug testing me but i will never quit…
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Do Generation Blunts/Joints Get You Higher?

A generation j is a collection of joint roaches that were combined together to form a new joint. I usually roll up my…
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Best indoor grow system to harvest every 2-3 months?

Just wondering what you guys think is the best indoor/best-valued grow system(preferably w/ complete start to finish instructions) for a beginner looking to…
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