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Blueberry widow

Here’s a nug outta my quarter of blueberry widow.. Quarter usually lasts me 2 weeks.. Im using a vaporizer to try to stretch…
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summer 2012 beer snob thread

in this thread we post pretentious reviews of expensive beers as if we don’t all love miller high life and PBR. Allagash White:…
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What is PPM measuring exactly? (hydro noob question))

Ok so I am waiting on a new hydro case with what I assume is an "active" system since it comes with a…
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FIRE organic lemon G & Blue Cheese ! ! !

Hey bros ! just went back home and picked up some absolutely incredible lemon G ! its the more fluffy and airy bud…
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Grand Daddy

Smells potent, tastes good, whT else can i say !!! Haha Attached Images (only registered users can se the link, login or register)…
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Rolls Royce

Local grower has known my dealer for a long time, grows his own strain called "Rolls Royce". It is probably some of the…
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