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New Tent/light

So, got my new DS120 up and running along with a 600w cool tube. The good news is the light works and does…
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600w, coco, 4×4 tent, C99, Em-Dog, plus 2 indicas!

NOTE – This is my usual grow thread except that as a security precaution I will hide it from public view until some…
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2nd Grow, HerojuanaOG, SinCitySeeds, and TGa..

OK Time to start journaling.Im prolly going to be longwinded, bear with me.My 1st grow was under all T5s and I did OK,…
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White widow grow instructions

I am growing white widow indoors on a 600 watt light, could someone explain how to start my grow of from seed, I…
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Reg’s Smoke Reports

So, I just finished growing OG Kush. Kandy Kush and Pineapple Skunk in my 60x60x150cm tent. In my wardrobe which I converted to…
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Medical 1024 & AK47 grow

Whats up guys, I am currently running 3 AK and 3 1024 plants in soil (3gal pots) under a 1000w HPS in a…
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