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Blueberry Thai x Colombian Gold, Bubba Gum x (ECSD x SunSour #6) – Coco – Flood/Drain

Blueberry Thai x Santa Maria Colombian Gold Bubba Gum x (ECSD x SunSour #6) Coco – Flood/Drain Cab Dimensions: 25" x 18" x…
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small buds 6 weeks flowering

i am growing a thai super skunk from g13 labs it is about 6 weeks into flowering, the buds are very small and…
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I can choose from a ton of strains

Okay so I asked my dealer if he could get me som specific strains, and he said I can send you the list…
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Re: Og chocolate thai who deserves it poll

Chocolat3  Thai all in my eyez I'm never broken hearted!!Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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the longer u smoke…

the longer you’ve been smoking for the better you seem to be able to get what is needed from the herb. this, I…
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what’s the most psychedelic weed

just finished a Maui Waui grow and I’d like to get input for my next grow – here’s some (but if you have…
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