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1 Week Fast

Last night, I smoked my last cigarette. Today, I am starting a 1 week fast to rid my body of all the junk…
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So one of my close friends is getting ready to go through a GED program to get his HS diploma. I wanted to…
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Enjoying the Little Things

This afternoon I had the most fun I’ve had in quite a while and all I did was play fetch and chasies with…
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Voice changes when your high?

So I’ve noticed everytime I get high my speech sounds different. Its got a different tone and its really slow (<< of course).…
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Grow Shops?!?

Quote: Originally Posted by ruffstylez (Post 15635447) Do you have any grow shops near you? Mine up the road from me gives away…
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Re: Wise words from a Wiseman……Me

LOL, im smiling and it hurts cause i have a tooth thing going on. Thanks man, i needed it. Goodnight bro. -FrenzyVia (only…
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