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When to fim

So I wanted to FIM these sometime soon.. I plan on moving them into 5 gallon this friday, would it better to wait…
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Isn’t it funny to be stupid?

Isn’t it strange, our more obtuse brethren are always rated as more likeable? I’d like to think this has to do with some…
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Public smoking ban.

So I was just browsing various sites trying to find a job in town, and I came across many articles saying that on…
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108 Buddha-Dhamma Similies by Ajahn Chah

Read them all. Pick one and read it. You choose. Enjoy. May you find some understanding which helps you. (only registered users can…
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I’m sure everyone here has heard of these crazy stories popping up, if not here they are. So far i’ve heard of the…
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Honey Oil "Reclaim"

I have a debate going on and I wanted to get some input from the community… After using an Oil piece you are…
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