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First Grow (Outdoor Grow)

Hey all this is my first grow any tips or info is welcomed of course :biggrin: Im on a tight budget just working…
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Seeking advice, beginner grower

My friend, who knows more to growing than i do, asked me if I wanted to start growing 1-2 plants for personal use.…
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Afraid of being poor?

Anyone afraid of being poor? When I was growing up, I was constantly afraid of being poor. I was afraid that we won’t…
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2’x1′ flower box

Hey guys, I need a little guidance here. I am looking for a good lighting system to power this little 2’x1′ flower box.…
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My inline fan isn’t enough

This is my setup. Tent: 2 x 4 x 5.5 Exhaust: 170 cfm HTG brand inline through 4in ducting Intake: 12in desk fan…
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Polish grow season?

Okay, so I might be getting 10 seeds and giving a grow an attempt for the second time. Last time I used a…
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