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Fox Farm Guidance

Hello guys and gals I’m looking for some opinions, which leads me to my first post. I recently started a a grow, with…
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so tmrw is 11.11.11

pretty crazy . the only time all 6 are the same, once every 100 yearsVia (only registered users can se the link, login…
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DWC Bubblers…water gone in 36 hrs…how should I feed now?

Hey all, I have my first grow going on in another thread and have a question. I have a single plant right now…
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my dank :D , cheers

no work tmrw. going to roll an L and enjoy a movie later happy toking everyone 😀 Attached Images (only registered users can…
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First day of College – Wake and Bake

Tmrw is my first day of College. Dident think about how much of a serious impact this will be on my life until…
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Refill Carbon filter

Hello GC My carbon filter isnt stopping the stink I got going on right now. I’ve read about refilling the filter and seems…
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