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Fuming By: The Glass Otaku Perhaps one of the best serendipitous discoveries in the world of glassblowing has been the development of fuming.…
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First time I smoked

I have been on a six month long t-break while studying abroad in Japan, and I recently got back on GC because I’m…
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Calibrated my scale and messed it up grams now read 000.0 Grams please help fix

So i have an AWS scale. I decided i wanted to calibrate it so i held the mode button and CAL came up…
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Stuff similar to the Melvins minus the vocals?

I really like the dark brooding feel of a lot of the Melvin’s stuff, especially songs like Lizzy and Night Goat, but I…
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Is this a calyx? or a pollen sac or seed? did my plant turn into a hermie?

Hey guys woke up this morning and saw a few of these on my plant wondering if my plant turned into a hermie…
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Road Trip to the ‘Knighted States’…(It’s my turn at the Border)…~

With camera in hand….I’m determined to get that Sewing Machine at all costs!! :eekk: The same machine here is selling for 500 CAN……
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