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Considering breeders

I’m looking at CH9 and Samsara. Anyone have any comments or opinions regarding either of theses? Samsara – Punky Lion (Chronic*Matanuska Tunkra), Ultraviolet…
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We may be closer to creating our own DNA than I thought..

The formation of effective and precise linkages in bottom-up or top-down processes is important for the development of self-assembled materials. Self-assembly through molecular…
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Would a few 100 watt uvb tubes help with sativa?

Seems like sativa would be heavily influenced by the hi levels of ultraviolet radiation at low latitudes (the human response to equatorial uv…
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What is the purpose of THC to marijuana plants? lt doesn’t kill plant pests. ‘fit the plant produces it for a reason. I…
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Reptile Lights Marijuana grow – Questions to Jorges Cervantes

Could you use reptile heat lights instead of fluorescent lights because I’m broke and green is too expensive. Dauphin, Antwerp There are several…
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