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4/20 and 5: Five Minutes To Change Your World

By Jack RikessToke of the TownNorthern California Correspondent”People are coming to Haight-Ashbury like the Grateful Dead is back in town,” said longtime resident…
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Fed up

I love weed I do, but I hate where I live ENGLAND and I hate who deals I mean where I live .6-1.2…
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*OFFICIAL* Pac and B.I.G overrated?

Tupac and Biggie overrated??? I get asked this quite alot and see people talking about it, so come on guys fans or not…
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Autoflower (white dwarf) first grow

This is my first grow and i have an 8 pot autopot system Four of them are under a 400w MH and the…
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Being Psychic

What do you guys know about being psychic? Listen, I’ve always been an intuitive person and I hear anybody can be psychic, you…
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Waterfall Bong-Beware!!

I don’t know if anyone gives a shit, but I just thought I’d report that I just took a waterfall bong hit with…
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