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Souur’s Nuggetry

Wassup blades, just thought i’d start taking pictures of my flowers and share them with the City to see what you guys think.…
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Clones where ??????

I live in los angeles and was wondering where to find good clones a shop with good variety and multiple clones to buy…
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Questions about papers/blunt wraps.

So I’ve been smoking for a couple years now. I personally prefer glass but lately I’ve been smoking paper just to add variety.…
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MyYearBook Stealth Help

Hey there, I re-made a MyYearBook account so that I have a variety of websites to upload my photography. I purchased Stealth Browse…
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Your Reality Is Made Up Of Fractal Sequences

All one can find in hir reality is fractal repetition of patterns. Every single thought or action one might engage in will simply…
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Which shows have you watched EVERY episode for?

Every episode, every season. Interested to see what other people watch, and the variety their lists have. Breaking Bad (obv) Dexter Spartacus Workaholics…
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