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Medical 1024 & AK47 grow

Whats up guys, I am currently running 3 AK and 3 1024 plants in soil (3gal pots) under a 1000w HPS in a…
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Female ICE and Skunk no.1 CFL JOURNAL

Hey hey grasscity 🙂 Originally i wanted to get a tent but i have this perfect closet that is 57x57x200 cm tall And…
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8" 8×25 Aluminum Flexible Ducting Air 8 inch 8 x 25 Ventilation

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Eliminating smell

I recently moved in to a new place and I’ve been wanting to smoke but haven’t because there’s no safe place to due…
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wind stress?

Hello fellow tokers. Been lurking about for a bit and just recently started my first grow. Here are some details of my setup…
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I hate being a nub. I read everything I could, honestly. But I need some opinions, please. For now on I’m just going…
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