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Rock Classic or cover?

Hey guys, I’m gonna keep this simple. I’ll post 3 originals and 3 great covers. Listen to them without bias and see if…
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Portland City Councilman Backs Measure 80 Pot Legalization

Measure 80 – The Oregon Cannabis Tax ActAdding to the chorus of political and community leaders around Oregon and the nation that is…
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Caravan For Peace Visits D.C.; Demands End To Drug War

Americas ProgramMexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity set off from San Diego on August 12 to traverse the country with a…
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A plea to practice picking each other up, instead of picking each other apart

A lot of people are having rough times right now IRL. And rather than tearing each other apart, because of the times…. Why…
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Federal Judge Calls For Marijuana Legalization

Speckled AxeJudge Richard A. Posner: “I think it’s really absurd to be criminalizing possession or use or distribution of marijuana”Most-Cited Judge In America…
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Caravan For Peace To Visit NYC To Call For End To Drug War

Caravan For PeacePoet-turned-activist Javier Sicilia galvanized the Caravan For Peace, Justice and Dignity movement to end the Drug War in Mexico after his…
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