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Got a clone with pics

I acquired a clone this guy made and for some reason it’s already flowering and it kind of looks like one big bud…
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alitttle help

High all, I’m new to growing and need some help. I have grown from seeds a couple of time but got scared and…
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Alright so i need some advice on worms, yep that’s right boys and girls i need to know what is the best worm…
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Seeds germed please help.

I soaked my pots and planted the seeds and the pots are now in my growbox. 3 germinated 3/3 I only expected 2,…
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What the hell happened!?

Alright, so last night, my friend came over with "2 g’s" (looked like maybe a gram) of the shittiest, hardest, crunchiest, stickiest, schwagg…
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Rick Perry…Whats your read?

I am just a curious soul and wonder’n how the rest of the world feels about our pecker head Texas Gov. and his…
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