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People who don’t vote.

Has anyone else noticed a trend on here in political threads of people who complain a lot, but don’t take the time to…
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Brown dirt warrior seeds

Well I met the brown dirt warrior the other day in person. Got some of his seeds from his personal stock of what’s…
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Corn Man’s Journal

Growing: 12 Plant Scrog Seed: Feminized Big Bang Lighting: 2,000W HPS Veg: 12 Weeks Flower: 10 Weeks Nutrients: Advance Nutrients Grow, Micro, and…
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One Month Warriors @ the Gym

You know the routine, January 1 and they all hit the gym. I wish i could’ve taken a pic, there was a grown…
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Witness Arrested After Testifying At Medical Marijuana Hearing

?A witness was arrested Tuesday in California after he testified in the preliminary hearing of another man facing felony charges of cultivating marijuana…
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Re: Barack Obama, drug warrior

Has any journalist asked Obama or Holder why the DOJ has flip-flopped on this issue? Bill Maher should get on POTUS case about…
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