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Are forums a place for introverts to be egocentric?

I’m just thinking. There were a few threads I was going to respond in, but I realized my response wouldn’t have been useful…
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Outdoor Grow Diaries : Greenhouse Grow: WL White Widow and White ICE

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Greenhouse Grow: WL White Widow and White ICEPosted: 15September2012 at 16:37 Well…
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So, how many of you have heard of one of the most glorious and timeless music genres, originating in Greece? Those guys used…
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Potential Reaction From Federal Government To States Legalizing Marijuana

The statistics show that it is likely that marijuana is going to be legalized at a state level, in at least one but…
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Smoking at a concert

On October 6th me and a couple buddies will be going to a Manson and Rob Zombie outdoor Concert, down in Little Rock.…
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Going On Retreat

Something will all need to do, but very few ever get to experience. Anyone could if they wanted to, but most choose other…
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