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Too many fingers

My boyfriend and I are growing indoors. We have 5 plants that are 3 months old. They have been on constant light until…
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When to flower?

After you grow your seedling and put them in bigger pots and start the vegetative stage with 18 hours of light, how long…
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Wet Dope!

I bought some glass jars with a latch and a rubber seal, the kind my grandmother would keep candy in. After bud has…
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Royal Automatic is a feminised auto flowering variety from Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Automatic is a feminised’auto flowering’ variety from Royal Queen Seeds, and this report covers the staggeringly fast grow/ bloom period of this…
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Zero-Gravity Regular Seeds

Gravity fl floated its way to THSeeds on a long journey. In 1999 it started in Amsterdam in limited batches from Neville and…
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The Hog Regular Seeds

THSeeds’s most recent Indica, the Hog, turned lots of heads in 2002 taking 1st place in the Indica category of the High Times…
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