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Dear World, Sorry we weren?t there for you. Sincerely, the Church.

In all the Fred Phelps-Islamofacists-blah blah blah religion yada yada yada out there, I thought I’d pass this along for something a little…
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Some minecraft help?

well i play minecraft. i love this game so fucking much man, anyway i have a bad video card yadayada i have to…
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Minecraft .. Minecraft

Whats up minecraft players, does anybody have a server, me and a buddy looking to play, what to do?!Via (only registered users can…
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Is anybody experienced in making servers for this game?Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register) trippy minecraft seeds сітіва…
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Any Minecraft RPG servers out there?

Hey guys iv been playing an RPG server on minecraft till i got banned for no reason 😡 . It had currency ,armor…
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minecraft 1.5

just released today. some pretty cool new shit in it. but imo the best part is that the added "performance enhancements" and on…
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