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2014 Wow world of weed

Guess this is my journal I’m using hydro for veg and soil for bloom I use the sun light and some cfls for…
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Teen mistaken for robbery suspect, gets shot and arrested for weed and gun possession

A St. Louis Metropolitan Police officer with three years on the force shot a robbery suspect during a foot chase Thursday night near…
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Unhappy birthday 2: TSA find 100 pounds gift-wrapped in luggage at LAX

Californians: Wrapping weed in birthday presents does not prevent cops from finding them. We’ve been over this before, yet still some people keep…
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Re: CNN Weed Dr. Gupta

Another Canna-warrior on the side of the good guys, go Dr. Gupta. Spread the word far and wide good sir. Via (only registered…
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Scariest damn experience of my whole life

I really hope the mods post this because it is the absolute truth and I have no one whatsoever to tell about it.…
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Americans for Safe Access seek to appeal cannabis rescheduling decision with US Supreme Court

For over four decades now, advocates for the responsible use of marijuana have been fighting an uphill battle against the Drug Enforcement Agency…
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