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Too many fingers

My boyfriend and I are growing indoors. We have 5 plants that are 3 months old. They have been on constant light until…
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Sleeskunk – DNA Genetics

Seeds germinated easily, and were transferred to a recir­culating drip system. Media was very perlite dominate: 8 parts perlite, 1 part hydrocorn, 1…
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Medical Marijuana Hard On The Heels Of Viagra Sales

?It’s no secret that medical marijuana has become a big business in the United States. Medicinal cannabis sales this year are projected to…
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County’s First Medical Marijuana Trial Quickly Ends In Acquittal

?Yakima County, Washington’s first medical marijuana dispensary trial quickly ended in acquittal Thursday afternoon.The Superior Court jury that heard the charges against Valtino…
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Mis-grow becomes top harvest – Monster NLX on coco

Better and better, it just keeps on getting better and that’s just how it should be. Whether it is experience or luck or…
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Exile Feminised Seeds

The Exile is composed of 50% Warlock 25% Northern Lights and 25% White Widow. The structure/growing pattern is similar to the Warlock but…
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