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$40 ounce good deal?

Hey blades, I usually only smoke dank (I actually don’t remember the last time I smoked mids… probably a year and a half…
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Fuckin missed this contest cuz the wife hogged the fuckin comp all weekend !! Congrats to the winner and great contest. BucVia (only…
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This one girl, man.

hello blades, im gonna tell you a story about this fucking girl ive liked for a while. when we met i was pretty…
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Question about System

Hey guys, I smoked weed everyday from last December to July 13, but I haven’t smoked in almost 26 days now (job reasons).…
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Summer Road Trip to San Diego!!

Alright blades, so I know some of yall reside down south. I am medical, so I need the low down on the good…
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A day in the life of WEIRD.

SO this is how my weekend went. I made sure and took pictures because sometimes you feel like you're in the twilight zone. …
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