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Bong or bud?

Hey im saving up for an O(itll be my first one)..im like $80 shy..but I do also need a new bong. So pretty…
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Craziest bitch ever!

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) This is her Youtube channel and you could probably click on any of…
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Growing a SEED-ONLY crop?

I’d like to set up a separate tent to grow a SEED crop. I only want seeds from this crop. How much lighting…
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I need a party playlist!

hey is there anywhere online where i can find a whole like party playlist for a high school party?Via (only registered users can…
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Unforgivable Flaw(s)

Hey there blades. I’m just curious to know: Is there a trait/flaw that you absolutly could not forgive or get past in a…
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Water in the bong?

Does the water in the bong take away from making you higher? Is there any difference if I use it with or without…
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