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The easiest bubble cloner ever

well, here is what you need 1 bottle of RO water Rooting hormone (optional)(i use TakeRoot powder) 1 Drop of SuperThrive (optional) SMALL…
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Judge Strikes Down Lawsuit Against D.C. Blunt Wrap Ban

The Milwaukee DrumA judge has ruled against a tobacco company that sued challenging a District of Columbia law which made it a lot…
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Kazakhstan's famous mountain valley produces massive crops and connoisseur quality hashish

For pot smokers in the Russian-speaking world, there’s no more hallowed ground than the rolling, arid plains of the Chu Valley, a sprawling…
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How does moldy weed taste?HELP!!

So story is i bought a oz of reggs last week..i finished a small pickle jar so i rinsed it and trew my…
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How to make a magar blunt? (Replace blunt wrap with cannabis leaf)

Just found this phenomenon – I’ll be harvesting in a couple of months (hopefully) and seems like a good opportunity to roll up…
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Blunt Wrap Chemicals???

So whenever I smoke blunts, I always smoke dutches and I was thinking about switching it up and trying just a wrap. My…
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