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Friend searched by cops with 2 oz, and a scale on him

So the other day my friends and I were driving home, (I had just bought a qp, but we only had an ounce…
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Master Kush Review.

Used to mids in Eastern Indiana, I was very pleased when the stanky danky started rolling through town. The first strain I got…
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Mould? Problem.

I have two zip lock bags of bud. Every bud in one of them has these yellow spots on them and the other…
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Found a reggie connect

Zips for $100. Half zip of dank is 200 here… what would you do? Remember, I only work a min wage job, full…
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Cannabis Cup. Quickies

Debating if I wanna drop the cash on Cannabis Cup, not sure if this is the correct forums for these particular questions but…
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were to keep an ounce of weed

hi guys, posted in the seasoned tokens because i have a couple of questions that beginners would not know… I’m copping a ounce,…
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